Oh well. I’m a naive sort.

I must be a naive sort – I thought it was a pretty border
on the side of the page, although something about it looked
vaguely familiar – I didn’t place it as a swastika.

[of course, looking at it again, now I can see that it has
the reversed swastika-type cross on the side].

I remember a few years ago, a neighborhood community pool
suddenly was forcefully shut down during a very hot summer
when a group of parents objected to the design surrounding
the inside of the pool. Now, the pool had been around for
a very long time – nobody said anything before!

Anyhow – the design in the tiles was the cross design,
but not the swastika the nazi’s used, but the reverse
of it. [The pool was build preWWII.]

In any case, a lot of hot and sweaty kids had to suffer
w/out a public pool for the rest of that summer
as the offensive tiles were taken off.

Oh well. I’m a naive sort.


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