Oh wait – this is Currying, yes? Nicely done.

Oh wait – this is Currying, yes? Nicely done.
 Oh I was thinking of Curry-Howard correspondence and how it relates to typed/untyped lambda calculus.
  It’s precisely this that led me to realize that I wasn’t looking for “the answer” but for “my answer” and hence, building my own Ontology to describe my Theory.(using Theory Theory as my model for Theory).

It’s the only way I could get around the seeming arbitrariness of category in that yes, it is arbitrary but ALSO, it’s ok that it’s arbitrary and also yes, it’s okay to choose how I want to best construct my ontology and possibly taxonomy and theory of how this ontology functions.

  Analogy: Money is a legal fiction but that does not make it any less real and consequential.

We’re mostly “empty space” yet we’re also not.

I used to go into battles with Chris until it ‘clicked': building a theory which best describes reality from your perspective in a manner that is as universal as possible is about as honorable a pursuit as I could imagine.


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