Oh police shut down lemonade stands in 2000 if there weren’t permits. You gotta go back to the 1950s TV shows.

You gotta go back to the 1950s TV shows.
Now if you want a taste of the 1980s, River’s Edge approximates it.
 I’m a negative nellie about it all but that’s because I encounter so many people that are really really flippant about things, especially in the town I’m in.There’s so much denial in the local facebook groups that it’s maddening but my county is 50% Republican, 25% Democrat, 25% Other, so I shouldn’t be surprised.So if I appear less than optimistic it’s because I encounter so many daily that will take the TINIEST bit of positive and amplify it to the point that this is all just a Democrat hoax to make Trump look bad again, even if they’d JUST started believing that maybe it’s a problem.I think they’re desperate to be optimistic. I don’t think you’re desperate about it, just hopeful. I’m hopeful — I just don’t feel that I should show that just yet.

Problem with that: https://shape.nato.int/defender-europe/defender/newsroom/exercise-defendereurope-20-announcement-covid19-implications
They scaled the fun exercise back due to covid-19
“Following the current outbreak of the COVID-19 virus, the U.S. Army has taken a number of precautionary measures to reduce the unnecessary spread of the disease, including scaling down the U.S.-led multinational Exercise ‘Defender Europe 20′. Read below the announcement by EUCOM (European Command) from STUTTGART, Germany:”
 I was a kid way back in the 1980s and in my town, they stopped kids on bicycles if they were missing a reflector and fined them $50.
 hings get weird with local laws. Found a nice NJ example – where I’m from – stuff was typical:

“In 1988, 9-year-old Max Schilling’s seven-foot high lemonade stand in Watchung, N.J., was shuttered after city officials claimed it was a permanent structure that sat too close to the street and threatened to fine him $500 a day. After a brief legal fight, Schilling’s stand was allowed to reopen.”

I once saw an advisory for people who want to come to United States to visit.

It was a long and detailed explanation of the way police in the USA behave differently from town to town and that you cannot expect consistency, particularly with traffic laws.,

And goes on to explain that there is even MORE differences in state to state.


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