Oh nyancat doesn’t symbolize LGBT… b

Oh nyancat doesn’t symbolize LGBT… but.. now that the Rainbows are kinda officially LGBT [I mean, the whitehouse went rainbow today]… that makes all rainbows, from the Wizard of Oz, to Nyancat, to children’s songs, to Hawaii suddenly gay.  Eventually it’ll fade because the “big thing” for LGBT was the gay marriage issue and, well, that’s taken care of.

There’s other discrimination issues of course, but that was one of the biggest.  Anyway, so I’m doing what I can do #SaveTheRainbow or #FreeTheRainbow or whatever hashtag I chose.  I won’t get anywhere with it… but I just hope the rainbow can go back to being just a rainbow.. It’s awesome all by itself. It’s a nyancat fart.  it’s magical stuff – like real-magic (white color splits up into parts just blows my mind the more I learn about how things work) – and it’s my rant-of-the-day :P

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