“oh noos, he might lose, better act tough now so i get likes to affirm my self-worth”

Nah. I just don’t why you should care whether or not there was another election cycle. Doesn’t matter to me either way.

But I am amused at all the butthurt by his supporters who start crying at the mere thought of it. “oh noos, he might lose, better act tough now so i get likes to affirm my self-worth”


Not to worry. There will be only one news source before long. The process is already starting. His supporters are all for it too. I just saw this on Trump supporting friend’s comment section an hour ago and saved it:

So not to worry. You won’t hear them for long.


There’s tons of adult kids out there defending their daddy against criticism. They’ll keep defending him no matter what. He wasn’t wrong when he said he could shoot someone on 5th avenue and get away with it. He can and uncritically thinking supporters will admire him for it. Such as it is.



It’ll be FAR more fun and easier to be anti-establishment than to be a tool of the establishment over the next 4-8 years.



“The President is always right. Whatever the President does and says is correct. I love my President. He supports us. People who say mean things about him are lying. You’re not a true American if you don’t unconditionally support the President. You should be deported if you don’t support the President. People who speak up against him are liars. Listen to him. He tells the truth. He always tells the truth.”

That’ll get boring after a while.



Well, he’s your daddy, not mine. To me, he’s just another politician, deserving of the respect any politician deserves, which isn’t much if anything much at all.


pseudo neo-nazi. Of course there’s no more nazis and “neo-nazi” isn’t what they are either, but there *are* pseudo neo-nazis which makes irrelevatizes Godwins Law in this instance.

The validity of my statement is not contingent upon the validity of the word irrelevatization although I honestly couldn’t blame you if you disagree with my assessment.



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