oh my! a list of 50 registers in chatGPT4 when I asked it:

oh my! a list of 50 registers in chatGPT4 when I asked it:

Legal register
Medical register
Academic register
Technical register
Sports register
Business register
Artistic register
Scientific register
Political register
Musical register
Computer programming register
Religious register
Colloquial register
Journalistic register
Conversational register
Advertising register
Literary register
Cinematic register
Gaming register
Slang register
Military register
Diplomatic register
Nautical register
Aeronautical register
Bureaucratic register
Euphemistic register
Philosophical register
Rural/agricultural register
Urban/industrial register
Poetic register
Financial register
Culinary register
Cybersecurity register
Social media register
Texting register
Historical register
Educational register
Fashion register
Automotive register
Parenting register
Youth register
Elderly register
Professional register
Environmental register
Travel register
Weather register
Space/astronomy register
Architecture register
Comedy/humor register
Romantic/affectionate register

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