Oh, lol, I forgot. I wrote a very short book the other day and put it up on Amazon for Kindle (it can also be read on the web). I don’t expect much in the way of sales – it’s very short (65 large print pages which, if turned out right, _should_ come out in the style I was shooting for). I wrote it one afternoon sitting in front of the library in a little 3×5 notepad… filling it up. I re-wrote it later that night and put it up for sale. It’s more the “start of an idea” that I hope to finish one day but as I tackle each project as it comes along, I hope to progress closer and closer to whatever the uncertain goal is that I must have somewhere. What goal? I don’t know. The possibilities overwhelm.

The Possibilities Are Overwhelming via http://ift.tt/1S5EsuZ

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