Oh it’s not for everybody

 Oh it’s not for everybody. I’ve been doing it since I was a kid to control anxiety. They called it “QR method” – breath in for six seconds, hold for six, exhale for six. Don’t know why it was 666.
That and cassette tapes where I was a “warm bottle in the sand” and “breath through my feet”. About 1983.
Oh and I controlled a computer with my feelings. Controlled a video game character and made gauges go up and down. It was cool getting some control over emotions while controlling a computer with my mind / heart/whatever was doing it.
I still practice it. Anxiety never goes away. But it’s mostly manageable.
Oh, no. It’s always ad-hoc. It doesn’t work if I had to schedule it.
I might have gone weeks without needing to do any of it because I don’t have daily anxiety I don’t think.
I’ve got it down to turning my head to the left, looking off into the distance, taking a deep breath and going back to work.
 What it helps with is uncontrollable worry. Being a chronic worrier is the problem. Imaging imaging every worst possibility for everything all the time from sun up to sun down in every situation?
It’s that.
It’s a bit of quackery of course: depends on the placebo effect. But if you see yourself in control and believe yourself in control then for all intents and purposes you’re in control.
Quite clever actually.
I’d say what helps me the most is prioritizing. I’m constantly re-prioritizing.

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