oh imo, there are so many moments that it is incalculable.

oh imo, there are so many moments that it is incalculable.
In 2014, I started wrestling with this notion; salience. What makes this moment noticeable and that moment not? What if moments were sentient? Do they assert themselves? Do they want to be noticed?
So I set the idea down in a few different similar ways; if moments were people or beings of some kind, they just want to be noticed. To be noticed, there needs to be a noticer. So, that was two aspects.
Here’s an extra Twitter I made so that I wouldn’t forget the notion of “just noticing us” – moments clamoring to be noticed…
…and the owner of the account is an email address I made called YouStickOut – expressing the notion that “Yes, I notice you. You stick out in some way to be noticeable by me”.
So the noticer owns the account representing those who wish to be noticed.
That is one of several ways I expressed this idea in a way that was explainable in some fashion.
The power is in the noticing. The moments exist – so many moments of so many durations and startings and stoppings. So many ways any moment can be viewed as different moments; and yet oddly possible to SHARE moments despite the uniqueness of all things
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    For me, likely because music is always composing inside of me, everything is music. Everything; does a note ever stop? Not really – it joins others to a level that’s beyond our noticing but it’s still there




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