Oh, I wouldn’t discourage ANYBODY from voting third party.

Florida’s in the same gray too. To me I think it means our votes are powerful forces for the election itself. I’ll still vote with my conscience, whatever it is at the time I check the little box or whatever. Still, it would’ve been nice to get a “hey, it’s totally safe for you to vote 3rd party” card but I’m just happy that so many people in a lot of states *can* stop worrying about the outcome “going wrong”.

We, though, do.
Oh, I wouldn’t discourage ANYBODY from voting third party. There’s a _very excellent_ chance that I will. [I usually although sometimes I “pick a party”] –

I’m just glad that SO MANY states don’t have to fret as much. To me, if they vote third party more freely, it can FINALLY give a 3rd party the necessary funding to launch big campaigns, be seen on TV and all that stuff, just like the big two get.

But, no, I’m not implying a “lesser of two evils” outlook in the gray states. I’m just disappointed that I *still* have to consider it: I would’ve been glad to not have to think about that.

For though, I don’t worry _overly_ for reasons I’ve talked about a lot already: Constitution is more powerful than any single President. Big mouths promises almost always turn into excuses once they’re in office. No different for Trump. So I don’t stress too much.


It’s horse-and-pony show, for sure. I still believe in the process though. I vote. I encourage others to vote. There’s multiple levels of election and honestly, I wish more of the funding was available for LOCAL elections that touched upon community issues… because THAT’S where you see true day-to-day changes in life. Still, it’s hard to get interested in local politics and yet, that’s where the real life influence is.



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