Oh, I think it’s simply different skills sets.

Oh, I think it’s simply different skills sets.
The premotor cortex rehearses movements before you execute them. You can program the premotor cortex through repetition or through conscious training.
It’s not “practice makes perfect” but “PERFECT PRACTICE makes Perfect” — which is why it’s better to go SLOWLY during training whether it’s piano or sculpting or whatnot so that your motor functions become well honed machines that will do your bidding.
AND THAT can be a pleasure in itself. The “act” of creation, the physical motor movement, functional oneness with the object being shaped or formed, whether a mathematical object in math, a sculpture in stone, or a musical idea into a motif expanding to a composition – being an embodied part of that process is reward in itself.
But after the ecstasy, there’s dishes to be done and floors to be mopped. In short, success in art can also be measured in: DOES IT SELL? DOES IT HAVE APPEAL?
Will it get reproductions? Will the original art pieces sell or the musical compositions have an audience? External metrics of success are many.
But do I think something is missing from the artist in the post vs the artist you highlighted?
No. The processes are nearly identical in nearly every way. There is mechanical and heart put into each of their chiselings together; The only condition I can see for soulless copying would be in some of the training when it’s schooled training and they try to break you down and build you up again.
But once you’re free to choose the subject or object of your creation, the freedom is yours – unless you’re choosing for purely financial reasons, which perhaps might take away from some of the purity of it but the dishes have washed too.
 [I may have ended in a different place than when I started when waxing poetic about process but I’m no good at editing. Writing is that way for me that I described; a mixture of mechanical + creative, so I never know where I’m going to end up but I enjoy the process of creating while I’m doing it]
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