Oh I know. My best $$$ was thanks to that.

Oh I know. My best $$$ was thanks to that.
Hired for a copy paste job as a temp. Got bored. Learned VBA and Excel. Created an interactive report-maker tying together doctors and pharmacists with insurance plans per drug and competitors via district and territory with drilling down to the individual (anonymized) patient level, including sentiment analysis and whatever else they threw at me that they wanted to see and could give me a data source for somewhere in text.
They got a good deal for $17/hr (started at $11). They had to hire me because it was making money and I asked the max for my area as I didn’t want the job (and got it, which was more than $17/hr)
They tried to replace me with a “data cube” (Microstrategy). Two million dollars worth of consultant and a year later, they failed because they didn’t come to me for specs on how what I made worked. (They did it behind my back as much as they could – corporate culture).
They were all “oh, we’ll put it on the web” – which required manual input one file at a time. My thing pulled in thousands of tiny little text files weekly so long as the mainframe people did their jobs and I did mine – and I checked for that too.
Anyway, I ended up moving to Florida with what I made. They continued using my disgusting Excel spaghetti code monstrosity for at least 8 more years for different products (I trained three people before I left), I never documented anything – nobody knew what I did as I had a silver push button “Go!” that generated individual reports that had their own code for interactivity and emailed them straight to 4000+ sales laptops.
Product of 1999-2002 ingenuity. A zillion years ago as I’m ancient.
Excel didn’t get respect then or now and I’m ok with that. It defies elitism and I like that quality. Who respects “the Excel guru?” business end, never IT dept – and nobody respects business people 
I’ve only ever been good at prototyping things. Production quality is a completely different skillset.

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