Oh I can get on a rant about the noun thing.

Oh I can get on a rant about the noun thing. ^ is basically a rant on misusing nouns. I can make the same rant about love and a HUGE number of concepts that are stuck in the wrong places, leading people to horrendously awful conceptualizations of …. concepts… [yes, I just did that] – …. ok I’ll stop there… conceptualizations of concepts.. I can’t believe I just said that.


My gripe (maybe similar/same?) is the idea of the “This Word = This Definition” fixed for all time.

Total misuse of the flexibility of language imo. Language is inherently limited but very useful means of moving ideas/thoughts/concepts/brain patterns/whatever from one person to another so they go, “Oh, I understand what you mean” (at least internally) …

If I say Grumble Grue, Mal-fucking-piss-face Shackle-dom fetished word-war mongering douche-boxes… there’s a PRETTY good chance you’ll know what I mean, at least in ‘gist’… or what I’m referring to, even though it might be otherwise appearing as nonsense with little in definition form.

Yeah, I have several rants about several things.


yup – I wrote and re-wrote about wiggleroom a couple of times but couldn’t get it together nicely enough tongue emoticon let’s see what I edited out…

…ah yes. Exit doors. “When entering a strange room, always look for the exit sign”. Something I learned as a kid, or figured out. I don’t like room traps, people traps or logic traps. I play along sometimes, just as a friendly gesture, but I never feel trapped by it.


“exit strategy”, usually proceeded with, “we have no…” – I mean there’s commitment and that’s great for those dedicated to commitment but… yeah. I look for the best interests of all around me yet if I’m not strictly necessary at some point, I scoot out the back ’cause I got other stuff to do.


Control. I can understand why they want it and do it, but I only play along with games up to a point. Then I’m like, “ok, cut the shit” when I see that I’m the mouse in a cat and mouse situation.


I’m Mr. Nice Guy with people. I play the role REALLY well because… well, I AM (generally) a nice guy. But… I keep both eyes open and give people plenty of rope. I let people get away with stuff pretty freely but if it encroaches on something that matters significantly to me, they’re usually surprised at the me they see.

I let people think me the fool frequently if that’s what they want. I only play my card when I must and I prefer not to if possible.


Indeed. “I don’t know if I can trust you” and then telling you a secret (or visa-versa) puts you in a position where you have to prove it to him by NOT revealing the secret.

[I prefer NOT knowing people’s secrets. it’s an annoying burden honestly]


lol yup same. “You can keep a secret right?” “Nope”.

They’re dying to tell someone because THEY were entrusted with a secret but THEY can’t keep it, so they want you to have the burden instead.

Then you hear, “I told you not to tell anybody – I was supposed to keep it a secret”.

My reply, “They why did you tell me? That was dumb wasn’t it?”


Yeah. I mean there’s SOME THINGS I’d rather not have to hear about myself from other people, but 90%, I don’t care. 9% is irritating and maybe 1% that I’ll die with. Gotta have somethin’.


Florida has open records. I like that. You do something bad, police, courts, whatever, it’s out there online. Great system. In New Jersey, everything’s top secret, hush hush, protect-da-privacy. Having been in both worlds, I like the openness here. Keeps ppl from messing up and if they do, it’s ‘out there’. Even govt officials are held to that. Perfect? No, but still better.


I treat everything I say online as if it’s monitored by every agency on the planet and viewable by every citizen anywhere because – it is.

If I think it isn’t then I’m just fooling myself. No privacy online. Never was. Can’t be. System’s not designed for privacy. Privacy’s an afterthought, poorly implemented and overturnable by anybody with authority anyhow. So, I gladly stand naked before the net. … metaphorically.


Well the good news is, they don’t care. The high volume of info is too much to sift though. They’re not as advanced as we give them credit for. It’s government. It’s inefficient. Backwards. I could rant but actually I kinda like it that way.

And you’re right about the psychic – people with inner walls just hurt themselves anyhow and they miss out on good connections with others.



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