oh gosh

oh gosh. ok. Let’s try:
a) I made about 15,000 6s Vines from 2013-2017 and archived 10,000 of them on the internet archive before getting bored of it.
Most are not profound at all; many are contextual and meaningless outside of it, most are absolute CRINGE but Vine was absolute Cringe.
I don’t suggest going there but I keep it there for transparency’s sake.

I was uploading so many, they gave me my own corner of the Internet Archive. It was nice.
b) in 2016, I uploaded whatever I’d collected from online writing into a file and uploaded it to mendeley so that I’d get a DOI # which, in theory, is permanent somehow.
c) A continually update of most of my online output continues here: http://icopiedyou.com – it has a lot more than 35000 entries now – not sure how many.
 Then there’s my Youtube channel, Instagram, iFunny. Youtube is unkempt and a mess like the rest.
Then my Twitter. too – anyway, scattered all over the place. Oh and coub, which has the rest of my archived vines.
This here is how I made good money from 2007-2014 – until Google changed how it ranked sites. and so now it simply exists as a flat file collection (because the PHP code no longer works) so that ads can still run for a residual income. But it doesn’t make at all what it did; it’s day had come and gone.
 made a little money running a Minecraft server from 2012-2014 too.
Facebook has been primary output for a while now though. A search for a random keyword on my Facebook profile will come up with posts on whatever topic, which usually is mathematics or logic or physics or cognitive science or artificial intelligence or computing generally with some stupid politics in there now and again, best ignored.

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