Oh, don’t say normies. That makes you a normie in 2017

Oh, don’t say normies. That makes you a normie in 2017 :P

12 yr old ne’s switched to saying “toxic” instead of saying cancer and cancerous [since the 3rd grade]. He finally met his first real life kid who had cancer and is in remission — and discovered it after gleefully calling something or someone on Youtube “cancer” or “cancerous” as he always did. [when he gets on rant, every fourth word was “cancer”/”cancerous”).

The kid told him his story in about three short sentences and had his, “Oh…” moment.

That said, it depends what part of Youtube you go on. Where he hangs around, which is of course where the dank 8-12 yr olds hang out [the famous youtubers (the filthy frank / leafyishere / the “let’s get roiight to the news” guy / etc (filthy frank’s alright but leafy and keemstar is… cancerous :P ) – the comments sections are typical Youtube comment section toxic.

Politically tinged areas like those and other political areas of youtube are equally XBox culture-ish.

But lots of Youtube is 100% completely free of that. I don’t get into political / political satire stuff so I have a rather cancer-free Youtube experience when going through comments.


In AOL chat room days (early to late 1990s), any chat room would inevitably get the “12 year olds” descending onto it. Same kind of talk, different era. Of course they weren’t always literal 12 year olds. Underemployed men and women, trolls (who were called flamers), and malcontents all had that “12 yr old” vibe, whatever their age.

Difference now is there’s whole communities full. First noticed that in late 90s Yahoo chat, which I stayed far away from because of that reason. Sad too ’cause they had potential as a service, but they lacked any sort of moderation. That’s what makes all the difference.


he funny thing is  We, too, are being tribal here. You know you have a tribe, right? No idea what it would be called but that you get the same dozen+ people who have discussions on your posts? A Tribe.

[of course I’m the old man with the pipe and the “back in my day” stories]


[maybe more like a village here thought. Tribe is more like “sports teams” in the context you’re talking about]


Dude! I remember trying to do that. My first was 300 baud (not bps, but baud… AND I used to know the difference and get into debates about it… at 300 baud). I’d listen and try to decode it. Sometimes I’d connect at 75 baud to get a feel for it, then up myself to 300….


Nicely said, John. I think if I had to pin it down to base instinct I’d put it as:

“Notice me”.

The same reason a cat meow or someone posts something – ANYTHING – in response to someone else either here, or a smarmy (I think that’s a synonym?) Youtube comment:

Notice me.


Yeah – the “tribal” you mean is what I’d consider “sports mentality”, the same mentality that causes two little neighboring schools to bitterly fight each other and only sticks together so long as they have a common enemy.

You’re not failing. I was using the other type of “tribe” – in a positive sense. Like a village. A community.


Jung said that? Oh wait – HE came up with the “wounded healer” didn’t he? Awesome. I never fully studied Jung per se, just glimpses. Nice!


I always consider myself “on the outskirts” of tribes. Of course that becomes another tribe of its own, just without the tribalism.


Being ignored is one of our earliest experiences, whether baby or kitten or puppy. Humans cry. Kittens mew and puppies whine.

So it’s a deep one.


Sometimes it’s not individualism either. I’m individualist, so I *like* my voice to have my name attached to it. But some people are collectivist / tribalist and they’re happy enough just to be “one of the barking dogs” in the crowd.


Spongebob is a bit of modern day genius. I can’t believe it has *stayed* relevant for both the tail-end of GenY/Millenials *and* GenZ as well.



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