Oh cool. On Dec 15, 2000 – that’s when I figured out one of the solutions to the NP-complete problem. 15.25 years ago. Found it in one of my little 3×5 notebooks. It was a Friday. So, after 15+ years will i change my answer? Nope. I might be able to express it BETTER now at age 44 than I could at 29 years old, but I’ll still stick with my answer.

Kenneth Udut 12-15-2000 – just found this in one of my 3×5 notepads.
The answer lay in the NP complete solution.

Experience is the necessary key to NP complete.

One must go through it.

It’s not-viewable. The assumption that all parts of the equation must be visible at all times is part of the problem.

If NP is solvable, then we can mathematically predict the future.
Sitting still, or rather, pure experience – is the answer at any given moment

one must be PRESENT and aware.

The need to remember is in the way too.

A barrier, ie – trying to compress TIME gets in the way.

The trance / time – the experience – is a necessary part.

An NP complete “problem” _is_ human-ness. You can’t reduce humanness to mathematics – it’s not powerful enough.

Solution to NP problems? Look at the map. If there isn’t one, make one.

Kenneth Udut 12-15-2000

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