Oh both. I’ve been collecting notes since 2014

Oh both.
I’ve been collecting notes since 2014 http://icopiedyou.com – a google for my brain. Incomplete and ugly but it works.
I also sit and ponder, some things I don’t write about and just turn over and over until I have something worth outputting, although I usually output my thoughts-as-I-go-along in a public place (online) so as to get feedback and “keep me honest”. [if I’m being stupid, I’ll be able to bounce it off others who will let me know and then I can decide if THEY’RE the stupid ones or if they’re right, etc].

My way is ugly and inefficient. But I think I’m combatting a strong ADHD and fear of loss-of-information both online and in my head — with consolidation and summarizing my weakest points that I’m working on as I go.

But this is “one person’s answer” to the thing you’re thinking about. Everybody’s got their own thing.
I just save everything I write basically., Like these comments… as I go.
“False Idols for True Worship”. It’s a gag company.
Redundancy in engineering is strength though.
 [currently working on vagueness  ]

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