oding for the logic before…

Janis KenderdineThanks :) I’ll have to play around a little more with the logic behind it. I was simply amazed I could get it to work :P (it’s been so long since I bothered trying to really make a programming language that I wasn’t fluent in actually *do* something – that it was really exciting to see it work, even if imperfectly. I’d still kill for a BASIC –> Javascript converter – can’t be h…ard – the logic is *very* similar – and when I say BASIC, I mean OLD OLD BASICA /GWBASIC / Microsoft BASIC. I know others BASICs, along with several other languages – but its the one I spent years using when I was little that I could probably write in my sleep. (I use a version of it for my pseudo-coding for the logic before… “

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