Occasionally, Kenneth Udut turns 84 years old and says, “Yup. It’s was a life well lived.” Practice, you know.

For myself, I find I’m stuck at different ages, depending on the context. I suspect it’s similarly true for most people, if not all.

I’m thinking primarily of emotional responses.

For example, I have an analytical curiosity that has an excited “I’m going to figure this out if it kills me” component to it that’s very strong.

I know for sure I’ve had that since I was 11 yrs old, so emotionally, when it comes to “figuring things out”, I’m 11 yrs old… just with lots of new knowledge thrown in the mix.

Humor wise? A very mature 9 years old. There’s a fart? I laugh. Wait, that makes it about 6 years old, because I find puns and clever word play hysterical. “I see what you did there”.

But I instantly turn into a 43 year old Dad/Uncle/Grandpa role (I’m only Uncle but they all apply) when someone is trying to figure out a life-problem.

[and occasionally, I turn into an 84 year old who is glad about this trip around planet Earth and go, “Yup, it was a life well lived”… strange because I’m not there yet, but if I practice that attitude enough, by the time I get there (if I do), I’ll be ‘that guy’ ]

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