object permanence develops in a parallel manner to awareness of self.

“From psychology, we know that object permanence develops in a parallel manner to awareness of self. Our understanding of our selves as being a separate entity from others is the underpinning of self-determination, self-actualization, and independence, which become developmental challenges that need to be overcome (or “mastered”) for us to grow and develop. How we accomplish that is partially biological and partially psychological (partly nature and partly nurture). My job, then, becomes how to expand awareness and insight to override those forces that quell this progression. Interesting post!” Tom Hubbert

yay!  validation to:
“Movement is an analogy to object permanence. If there was once a there and there is now a here, something stayed the same: The background. I’m analogizing the background to an object itself, within which other objects can go. Object permanence is also analogous to subject permanence: If that other thing is still there when I no longer see it, I am still here. If something is gone when I no longer see it, am I also gone too?” -Kenneth Udut

to his validation I responded
You’re my Working Developmental Psychologist “Go-To”. [Working as opposed to “Pure Theory”/Ivory Tower – which there’s nothing wrong with either, I have resources for that too]

Thanks for the validation! When I was little, I was occasionally accused of “fishing for compliments”. [twice that I recall, because I was at first offended/surprised]. I remember thinking, after the initial surprise, “Yeah, so what? Give it to me or don’t! OF COURSE i want a compliment “

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