o learn – but it’s do-able…

thanks Sash Dias – the not drinking at a bar is a great analogy for the same idea — i think it takes working on creating a strong Inner Life. The same is true if people are hurling insults at you. Most people will give a “knee-jerk” reaction and fight back, or cry or run. But if you can KNOW that what they are saying isn’t the truth, then you can handle it because then it just becomes “blah b…lah blah” in your ears – the ravings of crazy people. that’s how I learned to handle insults at school as a teenager: They’re wrong about me, they’re crazy or misinformed but if they don’t listen to me the 1st time I correct them, then I don’t have to pay attention to what they’re saying. It’s hard to learn – but it’s do-able… “

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