nyet. never tried to get anybody kicked from anything.

nyet. never tried to get anybody kicked from anything.

think I got a brief kick but naw, i think i got caught up in the fray due to perceived political diffs.

I’m a bleeding heart liberal type so it’s an easy mistake. Chaotic time it was. Fun for its day.

During that time I was kicked twice. One time entirely baffled me. The other time was because I continued to argue with this guy (who was only in the group for a few weeks) who kept saying YOU DON’T KNOW WHO YOU’RE DEALING WITH when i persisted. Then suddenly I was stuck on “read-only” status on FB for a few days.

I remember I liked debating stuff with you. Missed seeing your name around, but i left most of the political/philosophy groups now.

Byzantium. Yes, I think we had a few debates about Byzantium.


I try to remember a little bit about everybody I come in contact with. Some people are hard to remember but Matthew Garon I remember, particular writing style. Not 100% sure about the Byzantium but I remember intelligent, good knowledge of the ancients (better than mine in a lot of places) with an uncrossable line here and there.



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