Nutricious ?

There’s a reason that it’s difficult to find absolute conclusive unquestionable answers when it comes to nutrition. 
Human beings are omnivores. 
Meat heavy diet, carb heavy diet, fat heavy diet, different percentages of them each… And what you find is this: 
Lots of people making absolute pronouncements about what is the correct diet for everybody. 
But we are omnivores. We are not clones. 
The complexities involved that lead you to be you and your body to prefer what it prefers, which might be the same or different from what your taste buds prefer – is more complicated than the most complicated recipe. 
Did you know that many nutritional requirements are arbitrary? 
For example, the many ways that sodium is used by the body is very complicated. Yet there is a daily recommended amount. 
Where did that come from?
A guess made 60 years ago that they simply stuck with. 
For myself, I shoot for a balance. I talk about low carb but in reality? I tend towards a 1/3 1/3 1/3 more or less myself. 
It’s just easier. If I have saturated fat’s, I make sure I have unsaturated fat sometime in the same day. Stuff like that.  
If I was in charge of what was the right food for every human on earth is the right type of stuff to eat? I’d give very wide ranges.

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