“Now works on computers other than the dev’s!”

You REALLY need to have a famous blog.
These are exactly the same kinds of things for me.  Number 6 is a special irritation for me, having encountered it in too many places and too many ways.  It’s a strong reminder that the games are generally released ONCE, then patched MAYBE – IF THEY FEEL LIKE ITif it will increase the potential for further sales.

“Now works on computers other than the dev’s!”

Enthusiasm and support for a game are almost ALWAYS (99.999-repeating%) the USERS/PLAYERS.

The company / devs have usually moved on to other projects and see the game/app/program they released only a few months or a year back, as a stone around their neck, choking the, hampering their further growth…

…not taking in account the RESPONSIBILITY they took on once they released the game – a responsibility to the users/players/enthusiasts in the future.

Not that I’m perfect with that either.  I released shit and abandoned it.  It’s usually what I do.  But then again, I’m not trying to make millions off of stuff either.  I just do projects, stick them out somewhere, then get bored.

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