Now we’re building a consciousness.

Synonyms of consciousness:
What do these have in common? It’s hard not to use these very same words to try to make up a definition but I’ll try.
Reflexive? Yes but that can be responsive without knowledge of itself. Hammer hits knee and leg jumps.
You might not need eyes for awareness. Just a kind of sensor. But, not just one sensor. If you had one sensor that pointed outwards to tell the inner system how to respond and it always does, is that consciousness?
What if we add another sensor monitoring the inner system? Ok, but that wouldn’t do anything really as what is it connected to?
So, insert a comparator. Compare outside signal with inside response and compare. Is it an appropriately matched response?
Can’t tell as outside system and inside systems are not the same.
You need to add a standard or reference to hook the two sensors and the comparator to.
Out -> sensor -> comparator -> standard -> comparator.-> in
In -> sensor -> comparator -> standard -> comparator -> out
Now we’re building a consciousness.
I understand but I’m a lego type builder. I’ll get to your intricacies but first one must get beyond “is the Thermometer conscious?” if you’re going to talk about physicality of consciousness / god / etc, I should think.
 (Thermometer is a commonly used starting point for “what might be conscious”)
 But I’ll assume you might consider a Thermometer as having a primitive form of consciousness and that that form of consciousness is far too simple for the kind of consciousness you want to talk about. If so, I’ll jump ahead.
  I think consciousness is amazing and a mammal kind of consciousness is super complex and worth all its high marks. But I’ll give the plants their due.
  Probably Tononi’s integrated information theory (IIT) of consciousness.
  I could easily be a hard physicalist but I’d go way beyond most of ‘em, although I suspect I’m just modeling all consciousness / civilization / other complexities after store-and-forward internet model and applying it.
  Interestingly, they don’t know why anesthesia works just THAT it works.You’d think anesthesia might cut some off the supply at the neck, like that restricting switch does when we sleep but no.

What anesthesia does is turn the BRAIN MATTER consistency from “olive oil” to something like “lard”.

Thicker substance. So if those neurons vibrate, anesthesia sure would slow that down.

  Oh wait… crap. My knowledge was from 3 yrs ago. Ok, so looks like it disrupts directly and NOT through the lipid layer. Shucks.

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