Now presenting: PARADOX FAC

Now presenting: PARADOX FACE.

Our brain forms rules – especially about the human face at a very young age. From the moment a human enters the timeline on the planet as a baby, we study faces. There are many rules for faces; at least 21 unique dimensions have to be measured to tell one face apart from another; a complicated mathematical puzzle that little babies that can’t control their muscles yet have to figure out. And… we do!

But then… here’s this: paradox face. All of those marvelous rules we learned and trusted, shattered. Is he looking sideways? Is he looking straight at you? It’s both! It’s neither! What’s happening here!?

Illusions and paradoxes are wonderful things. They are reminders that we are human and will always have limitations on what we know based upon what we can observe. Our imaginations, though are unlimited and can travel easily through time and space and experience things that we may never see in the boring old 3D world.

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