Now on Franz Brentano:

Now on Franz Brentano:
I just learned about: Alexius Meinong (his dual copula strategy for dealing with non-existent objects such as square circles, which is their value for ENCODING a set of unique properties, making them valid)
So who was Meinong’s philosophical inspiration? His school? Brentano.
Franz Clemens Brentano (1838–1917) is mainly known for his work in philosophy of psychology, especially for having introduced the notion of intentionality to contemporary philosophy. He made important contributions to many fields in philosophy, especially to the philosophy of mind, metaphysics and ontology, ethics, logic, the history of philosophy, and philosophical theology. Brentano was strongly influenced by Aristotle and the Scholastics as well as by the empiricist and positivist movements of the early nineteenth century.
Due to his introspectionist approach of describing consciousness from a first person point of view, on one hand, and his rigorous style as well as his contention that philosophy should be done with exact methods like the natural sciences, on the other, Brentano is often considered a forerunner of both the phenomenological movement and the tradition of analytic philosophy.
A charismatic teacher, Brentano exerted a strong influence on the work of Edmund Husserl, Alexius Meinong, Christian von Ehrenfels, Kasimir Twardowski, Carl Stumpf, and Anton Marty, among others, and thereby played a central role in the philosophical development of central Europe in the early twentieth century.
Many famous psychologists followed and used of his original ideas and concepts. He introduced the notion of intentionality to contemporary philosophy and psychology. His main ideas was inherited by Carl Stumpf’s Berlin School of experimental psychology, Anton Marty’s Prague School of linguistics, Alexius Meinong’s Graz School of experimental psychology, Kasimir Twardowski’s Lwów School of philosophy, and Husserlian phenomenology

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