Now I’m getting ready for the new guy, Biff or whoever he is.

lol no. I know a lot of Clinton supporters and they were talking all the time during the election. You’re just not friends with any.

You saw what FB thought you’d like.

I only saw that from my Trump + anti-Clinton Jill Stein (ex Sanders) friends.

My Clinton supporting friends were blissfully unaware of those thing unless they accidentally turned on Fox news.

Why weren’t they exposing the truth about the GOP? They got email too. Guess they didn’t want to.

“’cause she’s a civil servant. The only ppl who paid attn to that were those that were into right wing Congressional conspiracies.

Everybody else rolled their eyes when it came up.

Ppl don’t give a shit. Besides, Trump won. Why you talking about the loser still? You know he won, right? You can stop protesting ’cause, well, you the Establishment now.

Most people also don’t care about ancient aliens visiting Earth during the pyramids. Most people place these things into that same category.

She didn’t have enough electorates to vote for her. Now she’s an ex-candidate and the other person got in. It’s nothing. Ppl win and lose every four years. Nothing new.

Yeah. I’m all for the #NotMyPresident protests. America’s a protest friendly country and if they’re upset, they can protest.

You need to mind your own business who people vote for after the election’s over. It’s over you know. You should celebrate instead of whining.

Clinton was the better candidate 50x over. But, she lost. So, she lost. No biggie.

Now I’m getting ready for the new guy, Biff or whoever he is. They’re training him now. Hope he gets his training wheels off before Jan 20th. Not much time.

Welcome to the Establishment. Don’t mess up my country. Keep your chosen one in line ’cause, he’s gonna need all the help he can get. Can’t trust a used car salesman or a politician.

The system is why he’s in. It works.

There was no rigged election, just typical D + R game playing.

Biff ran a better mudslinging campaign against Clinton, so she lost. That’s usually how it goes.

Will an effective mudslinger be a good President? No idea. One can only hope

If he sucks, then there’s 2020 and we pick someone else.

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