Now I understand why it’s s

Now I understand why it’s so annoying when somebody or something distracts me with a loud sound. The posterior insula processes sound touch planning of movement and using abstract rules to perform specific tasks and understanding the actions of others. This means, when you’re loud, I forget I’m about to do. The insula also Is responsible for the feeling of disgust. The anterior insula processes sound taste and face processing.

This means, once the feeling of disgust washes over in that moment, I see your face, and then I am also disgusted by your face. You stink. Don’t interrupt With loudness. Thank you.

I wrote this sign, to remind myself of the purpose of the posterior insula. And it’s role in why things are the way they are Within myself, and other people within themselves.

If it helps one other person, then my life is complete. Or, at least a chapter in my book.

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