Now I believe that war is just one of those things.

I didn’t want to do it ecause my heart DOES go out for Paris and the people. This is their 9/11 moment in a big way and I remember 9/11 here, as I was supposed to be across the street in one of the other buildings for training. I wouldn’t have died, most likely, but I would’ve PROBABLY forgot my lunch and had to walk across a damn long bridge to find a way to get home and it would have been a REALLY shitty day and I would’ve had lung problems for years to come most likely.

So, I somewhat relate to what France is likely going through right now.

But even still, it’s a little different. Perhaps a lot different. France bombed Syria the other week. This could well be a retaliation for that. Declare war and you’re gonna get hurt. I can’t stand war.

Soldiers dying is one thing. That’s their job and they deserve all the honors their countries bestow upon their veterans. It’s when people have to leave their homes or get killed. That’s what makes war so awful to me.

Exactly. And to me, the given-reasons for war don’t matter so much. It’s either ‘We want power” or … ok, it’s “We want power”. Whoever the “we” is, I don’t see much difference. The attitude of “the world would be better if these people are dead” is a callous view of humanity that I thought we’d be past by 2015. I was naive.

Now I believe that war is just one of those things. I can hope-for this Utopian vision of the future or that one but I suspect war will always be with us in some form as likely will poverty.. just hopefully less and less of it. Hopefully.

*sigh* This is also why I don’t watch the news. It’s stuff I can’t do a damn thing about and me being sad or angry or conflicted doesn’t help anybody.

True. And the confusion that ensues! Sometimes we never know exactly WHO is responsible but many times a number of groups hurry up and take credit. Who to believe?

It’s a liar’s game on all sides and with the ‘help of the media’, all to sway popular opinion.

Oh well. I suppose the more things change, the more they remain the same.


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