Now = 4-8 seconds long from my experience.

I spent a period of time from April 2013 to recently, trying to capture some big basic truths that seemed to be Universal. I found a handful.

One of which is the length of “Now”, as best as I could ascertain it scientifically (well, reading a bunch of scientific papers and shtuff) and also testing it through experience.

Now (for me) seems to be approximately 4 seconds, with an additional 1-2 seconds of mixing into the previous and next thoughts. They can chain together through amplification/repetition… but the rising and falling, at least for me, seems to be about that long.

So a thought creeps in for 1-2 seconds, stable for 4, starts to fade for another 1-2 seconds unless reinforced.

I’ve made over 10,000 Vines (6 second long videos), so it’s quite possible that it influenced my sense of “Now” quite profoundly as well… but I’m currently sticking the 4-8 second = Now for … now

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