Nothing’s future proof :P

The resources get better and better. Around the age of the kids in the video, I got an old Super8 movie camera and was playing with mirrors and special fx, stop motion and stuff. It was already old tech by then but as a kid, a $5 old movie camera is all I could afford.

SOMEWHERE (hopefully) in a box somewhere are a few reels of the stuff.

I also have a bunch of tapes I made in the 90s that I have to get off of there before magnetic media melts away. It was “future proof”, with a cable to go to the computer, but it’s ancient technology now – Firewire. No new computer supports it natively anymore, or none that I have around here.

So, either it’s AV cables + a converter box, or get a Firewire card or something. Nothing’s future proof tongue emoticon

Stuck somewhere in 1996. Used that camera ’til about 2003 and used a digital camera after that ’til my Blackberry. But when I got first my Android and then my iPhone, I knew that tech has FINALLY arrived to a usable point that wasn’t awkward anymore. It just keeps improving now.


I still have a nice 10 or 12mp Canon I got a few years ago when I wasn’t too impressed by the Blackberry. It’s really nice: love the zoom on it [that’s why I got it – I loved the zoom]. But do I ever touch it now? Nope. ONCE in a while I’ll use it for an extreme closeup of some kind… like once a year maybe. But its time came and went. If I can’t sent it straight to ‘somewhere’ online, I don’t want it.

Here – it gets worse: I uploaded this to Youtube in 2006 when it was still a new service, a webcam video I made on June 1, 2002

I was less than impressed with the Webcam… and less than impressed with Youtube. Never expected it to get popular. Oops!


lol yeah – I set the webcam to 1 second intervals and did everything VERY VERY VERY VERY SLOWLY.

The whole thing took me about an hour to make.

and yeah – those glasses – I loved those glasses. I wanted “pure round glasses”. I was shooting for the old-school early 20th century round glasses look. They even had wrap around the ear temples.

and the hair… yeah… the hair. lol – let’s see, I’m 44 now, that was 2002 so I was 30 at the time. I haven’t changed.


ugh, I know… it was very 90s… school-boy haircut. While I never got into Harry Potter, I related when it came out ’cause I had a lightning bolt scar on my forehead from when I was a premie and they had wires stuck in me.

It started fading in my late 20s or so, but I had it for a long time. I still have a lightning bolt on my right ankle tho’. I never went to a magic high school though, although it was pretty good.



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