Note to self (public, part of a long going thing) 501: Philosophy of Science

Note to self (public, part of a long going thing) 501: Philosophy of Science
Yes, it was also 120: Epistemology, Causation & Humankind.
Yes it was also 190: Modern western philosophy.
But after gathering the classifications of 600+ books that I’d read or represented what I’d read elsewhere, expanding the Library of Congress specific categories out and using those along with the Dewey Decimal classification names and putting them through a Dewey Decimal Classifier,
501: Philosophy of Science is the winner. Hard won because it’s always #3 in writings like this. This writing below shows up as:
DDC Confidence
120: Epistemology, causation & humankind 0.75
190: Modern western philosophy 0.25
501: Philosophy & theory 0.00
General, less general, less general.
Running the book categories through and I get this:
501: Philosophy & theory 1.00
410: Linguistics 0.00
120: Epistemology, causation & humankind 0.00
150: Psychology 0.00
006: Special computer methods 0.00
190: Modern western philosophy 0.00
501 is philosophy of science
410 is metaphors/analogies (which is what science makes)
120 is what it says (how is what why?)
150 because it’s subjectivity/objectivity blending
006 artificial intelligence (it’s 006.3)
190 because.

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