Not yet Google. Not yet. Maybe in a few years.

People are going to use it. They don’t know the holes. They believe the hyperbole. I just hope that Google works REALLY HARD to keep their end of the bargain and not shut down their particular cloud in a few years when they get bored of it.
“Trust me”. I’m from New Jersey. Those words are death to any business transaction.
I think it’s marvelous, mind you. I love online backup, being able to run and deploy apps easily from anyway. I wouldn’t want it to go away.
But anything serious? Not yet. I’ll see how Google Cloud is doing in a few years. I don’t expect Facebook to be here in a few years either. Something different will bring people over to them. It won’t die; Compuserve is still alive in some form too. But Google’s reputation for killing projects that people JUST START relying on is legendary. Had it happen to me too many times.
Not yet Google. Not yet. Maybe in a few years.

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