Not quite all as romantic as finding a spot where no one is in Alaska and getting your stuff flown in though. But I like all the trees.

It’s a romantic little clip. Brings me back to Boy Scouts. Growing up, my mother read Mother Earth News before it was glossy, fed us Yogurt she made (but she always wanted a cow to do it herself). I think she always had something similar, more akin to “Frontier Woman” dreams. But we lived in a New Jersey suburb and could see the world trade center from a tall roof.

Still, her dreams rubbed off on me. My brother too.

My brother moved to Florida when he was 19 and that was 3+ decades ago. He likes to hunt every deer season and live in the woods as much as possible even though there’s family.

About 13 years ago, we did a merge. We all got a house together and built it on a street with no houses, trees all around. It was a garbage street – people dumped their garbage there. So, he cleaned it up while they were building the house.

Now there’s more people on the street. We’re the one with the long driveway at the bottom 1/2 with the house in the middle of the woods.

Right now, on my screen porch, all the woods are around me.

We built our barn ourselves but it was out of bought lumber and we kept as many trees as possible. Still, I once made a side shed for the biycles when they were kids out of found wood and it was strong and lasted about 8 years before a hurricane knocked a tree down into it.

She still talks about living off the grid and we all may end up doing that one day – in which case, I’ll disappear off the ‘net (after non stop net ‘since 1989)

In theory, we could do a lot of what he does in this video, while ALSO being able to drive to the store, although not really walk to it.

Still, we have neighbors but a lot of wilderness. If I go straight down the end of the road we’re connected to – maybe 20 blocks or so, we’re in a Everglades Restoration Project, which theyre turning BACK into wilderness.

Not quite all as romantic as finding a spot where no one is in Alaska and getting your stuff flown in though.

But I like all the trees.

There used to be an expression: “If you believe that, I got a piece of swampland to sell ya”.

Trivia: I’m living ON that swampland from that expression.

The great land scam in the late 1960s.

But we bought it in 1999, long after the land-scam was over and the land market settled but was still dirt cheap here. The road coming in was dirt and bumpy. It’s paved now. I’m ok with that.

In theory, I could go hard-core like that guy right here. But it’s not that far of a jump. Food would be the hardest issue though. Food would definitely be the hardest issue. In fact, food would just about be the only issue.

I could live without our 250 TV channels. Internet. Electricity. Phone, air conditioning.

But really, I don’t want to. I like my Internet. Air conditioning is great when I get bored sitting out here on the porch or overheated. I like my stinky well water. Everybody else makes me shock it once in a while.


also, gardening. It sucks. 8 years in a row I tried making a garden we could live off of. Most of it was fine, but the tomatoes kept getting eaten by ants. Organic gardening? Forget it. Three years in a row of _wasted time_ with that.

The other 4-5 yrs of Ken’s gardening experiment, I threw the least amount of pesticide I thought necessary. Still not enough towards the end. Ants. Nemotodes getting the roots. Whatever.

But picking semi-green was the way. Too many tomatoes to know what to do with.

Still, it was a lot of work. Winter freeze days (we get maybe two or three below freezing nights) meant I’d hysterically cover the plants, put heating lamps under it… trying to save those suckers so they could finish growing.

My heart would beat out of its chest. I couldn’t sleep that night… the tomators! the tomatoes! the tomatoes!

I saved most of them every year but the first. I didn’t like the drama though. I hate drama tongue emoticon


Anyway this wasn’t about the OP. But seeing the “Alone in the Wilderness” thing with the panflute music and all that made me think about where I’m at right now.

As far as the OP Zack Lilly – eh. I did that life minimally – worked for Big Pharma in New Jersey. Systems Analyst.

I saw people who were happy with the “work 8 hrs, go to disneyland once a year”, husband, wife, 2 kids and a dog, looking to go into bigger and bigger houses.

Plenty of them.

Were they sheep?

Eh nah. Just provincial. City/suburban villagers as it were. Most of them will go with the statistics and die 75 miles away from where they grew up.


Cool smile emoticon I might’ve camped there near there as a kid. We used to go camping all over New Jersey.

Mostly at Maple Lake.

I have no idea where Maple Lake is come to think of it. Just the name.

Anyway, yeah, Florida’s not my first choice. But life’s short, so I took the adventure instead of keeping the high $$ job.

So far, not bad. It’s different in any case. I was on my way out to a monastery at 30, so this was an alternative and I took it. Couldn’t stand the NJ stressors. Too many ppl packed on top of each other.

Naples is more urbanized, even in the redneck part where I live The rednecks here are faux-rednecks. [although there *is* a KKK enthusiast a block away – probably local dragon or whatever they do]

But our neighborhood here (Golden Gate Estates) is a pretty equal mix of hispanic, hatian and caucasian irish/scotch, so everybody gets along in any case. We all have to contend with the bears stealing our garbage so there’s never racial/religious issues here that I’ve seen.

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