not in charge and when yo…

Hi deana – I see what you mean. Oh, I would never advocate sitting back and letting everyone else take care of things all of the time. What I’m referring to is when you’re a doer, learning when to do – when to take charge – and when to say “this time its better to not do until help is requested” – is an important distinction to learn. I’m starting to learn it now – that there’s a time to help and …a time to wait and let someone else take charge. You did the 100% right thing – but if someone was drowning and I couldn’t swim, for me to jump in would make the situation worse than if threw a rope, called 911, ran around finding someone better qualified to assist, etc. But if I could swim then I would jump right in and help without hesitation. Know your abilities, and do what your strong points are, and know when you’re not in charge and when yo… “

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