not going past page 3 of google images

test it out if you’re ever bored. There ‘s not a *single* cartoon or other fictional character or real character or inanimate object in existence that *somebody out there* hasn’t turned into pr0n (pr0n being the standard word for porn). It’s not _my thing_ personally – I have imagination and don’t need it – but if it makes someone happy, I don’t see the harm generally… even if some of it… most of it… is… bizarre.. and so often inked by teenage girls on deviant-art..

A running joke among my nephew’s age group (he’s 10 yrs old) – is DON’T GO PAST PAGE THREE OF GOOGLE IMAGES… because that’s when you get to the “wierd side of the Internet”. Of course in a few years, he’ll probably go STRAIGHT to page 3 on Google images.. but for now, he finds that stuff gross or really funny and gross.

Oh ESPECIALLY MLP. The bronies used to be worse ’til the younger groups started calling themselves bronies. Once boys as young as 8 started calling themselves bronies, the more sexualized mlp stuff started going further and further down the images, and were replaced by images of horror and blood, which is, strangely enough, more appropriate for children.

I saw it with my nephew as he went through it, the fascination with MLP with boys and girls often segues into the horror/bloody MLP which leads to an obsession with Five Night’s at Freddies. – along with Minecraft, Animal Jam, Roblox and the usual suspects. I’m fascinated by Internet culture, especially the current generation , because they’ve never known a world without it.

Oh the twisted thing about a lot of the MLP art – once the bronies made less and less of it – is the teenage girls who are into “shipping” (relationship) – hooking people or characters together in fantasy situations – took over the my little pony stuff.. and THAT’S when you started to see things like Sparkle and Shining Armor … or worse… Spike. I mean.. Spike! He’s just a little dragon. Teenage girls who are excellent artists and *lots* of free time after school I guess. I remember when I used to think, “Oh, they’re just 40 yr old men who are pretending to be teenage girls” – boy, was I naive. tongue emoticon

I know. First time I saw one – I hit the red X on my browser. I was like *really… _REALLY.. REALLLLY!?!? SPIKE!?!?!”. I was looking up something to print out for my nephew to cut out and color, while he was in a short-lived brony phase a couple of years ago. It was after that I learned about Rule 34 and it all made sense.

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