not for the squeamish: room temperature glass coffee mug + superheated coffee = disaster.

Gruesome Tale – don’t read if squeamish.
I used a stove percolator for a few months when my favorite Bunn was busted years ago [and wanted to experiment with different coffee making methods].

Coffee percolated for too long, combined with a room temperature cobalt blue mug = cooked skin. Thick cobalt blue glass mug blew up on contact and super-heated coffee landed on my stomach. I’ve forgotten the actual pain – nature is kind that way – but skin did peel off. A thick layer. Skipped right past the blister stage. I KNOW what chicken skin in a soup feels like. Shirts provide zero protection against super-heated coffee.

I’m thankful for ice. VERY thankful for a belly that overhangs slightly (the THOUGHT of it, omg). Grateful for being a good healer and zero scars or evidence of any kind.

I use only ceramic mugs now. I have not used the percolator since.

And that lady who sued McDonald’s over severe burns from superheated coffee?

I relate. People can make fun all they want. But – she was right to sue – and I hate even the idea of most lawsuits. Labels on a coffee cup don’t stop science.

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