Not everybody understands themselves as much as they would like to.

Well, there’s another problem with this (doing a study).  Not everybody
understands themselves as much as they would like to.  It’s hard to
analyze yourself and come up with a true picture of the “real you”.
Others then, end up doing it for you, and you generally take their word
for it.  It’s truly impossible to know what’s going on in another
person’s mind – although it’s not hard to get very very close :-)

> Yeah, maybe all people do have a desire to “know” – maybe they are just lazy?

Well, some people view their purposes in life not as seekers of
information or of self-perfection, but rather as being part of a grand
process, whether that is as an accountant in your firm, or a printer in
a print shop…  Or as a parent…  or even playing your role as someone
who =doesn’t= know what their role is yet!  (their role is usually the
role of the seeker :-> )


The greatest questions continue to stand without definitive answers.  Oh
well – the search for answers is a personal journey that no one can take
for you.


I would say so :-)  Trust, faith, compassion may exist in the animal
world, but we are a long time from discovering that.  As it stands now,
we are only certain that humans have that capacity.  (while it may seem
that there are *some* people who don’t have the ability to have
faith/belief/trust/compassion – I think everybody does.  Even the most
“vile”ist of criminals love their mothers, for example

Well, Lee, I would have to say “yes”!  How is it with another INFP
around?  There are astounding differences between one INFP and another
(Introverted, iNtuitive, Feeling, Perceiving on the Myers-Briggs
Temperment Index for others who are wondering about this silly acronym
:-) )…. and I wonder how easily it is to get along with another of the
same type.

Strangely enough, my two best friends are ESTP and ISTP.  I haven’t
figured out why, but maybe they are able to “keep me in line” or



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