Not everybody is transactional in nature. But if you want to call me greedy? Sure. Here’s how.

But you know what? I am greedy. I am greedy for comprehension. I am greedy for learning. I am greedy for understanding the human condition and my role in it. I’m greedy in wanting to do things right the first time. I’m greedy for perfection in my tasks and efficiency of my time.

I’m greedy for peace. I’m greedy to see people around me, not necessarily happy, but “ok”.

I’m greedy for “ok”.

So yes, I’m greedy. You win. Man, the “every man is only out for themselves” way of thinking is just so.. I don’t even wanna put a word on it. If you wish to have a single frame on everything, go for it. It’s like seeing the world through a sniper’s scope.

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