Not every teacher belongs there. I’d keep an eye on things.

I’m 1/2 deaf/1/2 blind. 2nd grade was an awful year. The teacher was supposed to put me in the front, left side of the room. [my right ear is marginal, the left ear useless].

She puts me on the back, right of the room. She thought that the noise in the classroom would distract me. [she knew about my deafness and had her OWN theory about how to handle things, which was completely idiotic]

I complained to the teacher. I complained to my 1st grade teacher. I complained to my mother who complained to the school. Nothing for the first three months.

So, my mother let her have it during the first conference directly.

She moved me. But as you can see by the note, she mentioned that I “seemed happier” but only after slamming mom. “finds it hard to complete assignments at home”.

She wasn’t there the next year, so I wasn’t the only one who had a problem with her.

Not every teacher belongs there. I’d keep an eye on things.

Just checking ’cause I have more than a few friends that would, but they’re wrapped up in the “everything discriminates against white people these days” rhetoric.


I take it as par for the course of being the default race / default gender of the USA, like hearing, “All men are [insert derogatory]…. but not you Ken”. That’d always burn me up as they didn’t realize how singling me out as “not like my gender stereotype” was almost worse than not trying to mitigate their offense at all.

I’m still ultimately in the power position by default so I take it as par for the course.

But everybody’s experiences are different. If I was in a foreign land where I was the clear minority in the law enforcement / justice system, I’d be scared.





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