not being understood – a pain but that’s why i’m online – i can do it here.


  • people don’t understand me?
  • Kenneth Udut Dan Schuberth Ah. Yeah. They won’t most of the time. They have a preconceived notion they form quickly and it’s a rare person that allows you to grow beyond that. That’s why family and old friends are a pain in the ass sometimes; most don’t want you to change from the stereotype they have of “Dan Schuerth” in their heads.

    I always like the Jesus example: Even Jesus wasn’t a prophet in his own home town.

    It’s why I like the Internet; I worry less about people stereotyping me since it’s just a profile picture, some biographical info and some words I use.

    What level of depth of understanding do you require? There’s agreement with ideas, agreement with your habits, agreement with your interests/hobbies, agreement with your looks and then… well, there’s the deeper stuff.
  • Dan Schuberth Umm… I guess I’d be fine with hey tell me about yourself?
  • Kenneth Udut Dan Schuberth Hey! Tell me about yourself!
    [I actually do want to know: it’s one of the reasons why I expose so much of “me”, even though it makes me seem narcissistic/self-absorbed – I do it in hopes that maybe someone will give little pieces of themselves in return].
  • Kenneth Udut If you mean in person… with 3D people… Hm. That’s trickier. I find its easier to let people talk about themselves. I keep the “me” stuff mostly to online for that reason. Doing it in person means finding listeners, and they’re the smaller percentage, or they have something they want to gain from me… and the few that REALLY want to know… well, I’ve only ever found a few of those in my life.


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