Not being aware of time while asleep.

Many things are out of our control. I understand. For example, I’ll let you know something that still bothers me:
Not being aware of time while asleep. I can keep awareness to the very moment of the mental switch into sleep – something in the brain stem – and I usually lucid dream with a narrator voice – so I have awareness (if dreamy) during dreams – and I have awareness the moment the juices start flowing up the brainstem again as I hurry up and use the fading 30 seconds or so to try to remember key parts of my dream enough to carry with me into the waking world.
But the parts inbetween that? No temporal awareness.
I know you don’t have those kinds of problems. The types of problems are inconsequential to the point: We all have limitations of a kind.
You’re already doing what comes easily for you. What if your goals will end up in the range of what comes easily for you if you configure them properly?
I guess I don’t have a full comprehension of what that is to you.
I have validation tasks I perform because I believe it is crucial for building esteem: I put likes on thousands of posts on Instagram – for people that want to be some body but they have small followings. I don’t engage with them in any other way but I’m a random “face in the crowd” that will like the posts. Occasionally I get feedback or likes back, but the pleasure for me is in the giving.
It’s a continuation of what I did on Vine and prior to that I did similar things in other places, other realms in other ways.
It’s a broad net but I know each of those things matter.

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