not antisocial but i am affected by group dynamics.

I’ve been told I was anti-social ever since I was young. But it’s not a matter of being anti-social; online, I’m quite social. But rather, for me, it’s Group Dynamics: I do well with a single person or two people. But once there is myself and 3 others in a room, pairing of conversations starts to take place; and I end up in a conversation with only one other, while another conversation is going on at the same time. The more people, the more the splitting happens. This is normal; but it’s something I was never good at. I do ok as an audience member; it’s a *little* easier because I’m watching. But, then there’s little back-and-forth; and I have to sit back, and passively respond by laughing or making some kind of noise. There’s a place for it, but for me, I prefer just one or two others with me at most.

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