Not advocating lawbreaking. But it’s more clear now why those that do, sometimes do.

I guess large numbers of people gathering peacefully has limited impact in itself. There’s virtual silence online about this.

I’m not advocating non-peaceful protesting but considering the relative silence online on #WomensMarch compared to the literal million+ people out there right now…. and comparing it to smaller marches by #blm or even the actions of two people yesterday at the inauguration (broke two windows and kicked a garbage can)…

…I can understand why some in the the #Occupy movements turned to #hacktivism and such and why not all protesters are satisfied with peaceful gatherings.

Not advocating lawbreaking. But it’s more clear now why those that do, sometimes do.


Oh wow. I forgot that FB decides what I’d like and wouldn’t like. I’m going to talk more about this in different places so it starts showing up in my feed. It’s so annoying: It’s as if you have to already KNOW about something and already TALK about something to even hear anything about something.



I’m glad you told me that it’s all you see ’cause my feed is showing none of it. I walked by the TV and it was on.FB really is culpable to some degree for these divisions. Their algorithms to show people only what they think we’d like to see limited some of our access.It also means I have to stop relying on FB as much for news.


THERE IT IS! I made 4-5 posts about #WomensMarch + a few comments and likes.

NOW I’m seeing stuff about the Women’s March on my feed and it’s right at the bottom of my “Trending” list.

FU sometimes FB algorithms. You *think* you know what I want to see but you don’t ‘get’ me completely. [you’re getting better but you botched ‘me’ on this one]


FB keeps you in your safe space so you don’t have to pay attention to it.

I saw nothing about it ’til I started talking about it. NOW it’s finally showing up on my feed here. I like the future of AI but the present of AI has a long way to go to get a proper personality profile of me.



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