Nonviolent communicaton – good and a bad side.

I’m reading this – never heard of it before but it seems like a system of “how to talk with empathy”. Read through it, easy enough stuff. It’s generally how I communicate online at least. [not always of course but on general principle]

There’s actually courses with credits in it, jobs that require a certain amount of years of experience in it. It seems to me that’s “years of experience in speaking with kindness and empathy”. I don’t know how I’d do in real life, but online it’s not hard.

Still can’t figure out how I picked it up though. Probably watched a lot of Mr Rogers as a kid.


Reading through it, the thing I don’t like about it is that there’s a high chance for abuse. There’s a passive-aggressive way of using it that could be manipulative. I could see this system being abused by sociopaths for example, or applied at times when it’s better to just tell someone off.

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