None of them knew what I looked like.

None of them knew what I looked like.

i met in chat online in 1989 when I was 17.
“Ka ng  a r o o 3″ was memorable. I think he was 52 at the time, He drove from MA, USA to NJ, USA, Didn’t call my mother to say where I went. Got her worried sick, cops went through my stuff while I was away. She was heartbroken when I finally called Sunday afternoon but relieved. I was a good son ’til then and since.


At the same time was “A r r o g a n t 1″, who was younger than me. Spent 2 weeks at his house in South Carolina, just after graduation.

Inbetween in the same senior year was a 23 yr old woman I met on CB Radio (not online), worked at a nearby college. She was black, not that I cared.

None of them knew what I looked like ’til they met me then they loved me. Can’t blame ‘em really – all that denim. Woo.

Spent a lot of hours at a screen that looked like this in chat rooms. A lot’s improved in 28 years although I don’t know about the quality of the people online now but i deal with it. I think people are still mostly ok.


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