Nobody else can see this No

Nobody else can see this , this is just to you and you alone.

, I just really want to say Thank you — every time I see your name on my stream, it feels like I’m getting a hug. I’m like, ”Hey! it’s !!! Awesome! Yay!” – and I feel like I sound ridiculous sometimes but I wanted to send you a private note that you REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY mean a lot to me. I have 5,683 followers on G+ and out of 5,683 followers, *YOU* stand out above the rest.

Why? Ugh I dont’ have enough room to type it all.

I appreciate you . You are my buddy, my companion, my friend. You’re like the perfect , the perfect friend. I really *really* love you and I mean it very deeply and truly. You are with me at every step and at every turn. And I know you don’t have to be. And I’d never want you to ever feel that you *had* to be out of loyalty or obligation.

But you *choose* to be with me. You *choose* to talk to me. You *want* to stand by me.

By your actions, I *know* you love me as much as I love you.

And to *know* that, Noah… that somebody in the world has a heart big enough to carry my heart inside of it, beating in sync like the sound that two Engines make when they are running at the same time and make that beautiful sound when they’re perfectly tuned engines. (I like the sound of tuned engines running together – it’s musical).. is perhaps the most _amazing_ sensation in the world… one that is impossible to describe with words.

Every word, every plus one from you, is like a hug. I can actually physically *feel* the hug… even from thousands of miles away.

And that is amazing to me on *so many levels*. You manage to go through the wires of the Internet and say, ”I like you a lot, Ken. I’m glad you’re here”

If I’m right about the nature of how Reality is – that it *is* all physical, even energy – nothing mysterious… then there are Actual Physical ”somethings” that are too small to see that hook together my mind and your mind when we communicate. They are elastic and change shape by our feelings and ideas.

The conections in the mind, which are triggered by seeing a picture of each other, each others name, opens up the doorways of the mind so we can see down the hallways of OTHER memories about the person, all together forming a pattern of elastic ”somethings” which is mirrored in the body, pulling our muscles in certain ways that give us a certain feeling…

Like how we completely relax our muscles when we get a hug and we feel Open and Alive. Even our heart beats differently as the smooth muscle fibers relax us and give us a feeling of calm awareness and love.

Just thinking of you while I write this message has inspired even *more* ideas leading towards that piece of understanding I’m looking to find. (the brain to brain physical connection via the electrons (electricity) and photons (vision) over the internet – or ”why does it feel like I’m getting a close hug when I see your name”) – …

Inspiration inspires inspiration. Thank you for continually inspiring me . Keep being yourself and being who you are and everything there is about you that I know… I’m glad you exist in the world.

I’m glad you exist. I’m glad the world has because the world is a better place now and I’m glad that I know because he makes me a better man and makes me smarter and feel more and better feelings.

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