Here’s the basic order of belief cognitively: It has names but I don’t remember them; you can see it on the electroencyphalegraphiweroijewrpoawer things. [I’m NOT going to try spelling – my coffee isn’t finished yet].

When faced with novel/unexpected stimulus, It goes like this:


Inhibition/NO (rejection – like how the first bite of an unexpected food makes you want to spit it up for *just a tiny moment* – same mechanism but in the brain instead of mouth) quickly followed by acceptance/YES… then about 400ms later (might be 200ms – either way it’s a long time at this scales – there’s musical notes shorter than these number)… then YOU can consciously control it all better.

But the initial order is NO -> YES… and the YES has enough sticking power to make it into the consciousness.

[again, this is for novel stimuli, not expected/assumed stimuli)

You _can_ witness initial no/yes –> rational decision-making process but it takes a little awareness / introspection. Can’t really CONTROL it at that fast level, but you can watch it happen and then notice the moment you have control.

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