No, Sam Harris is wrong.

It’s not the atheist variable.
It’s the character of New Atheism. It is distinctive from atheism itself.


Atheism is very simple. There is no critical posture necessary in atheism. Just a single criticism. Have you known women not to be critical or hold views about things? We all have opinions and reasons for them.

No, Sam Harris is wrong.


I have a number of female friends who are atheist. But they don’t have the social support structure than male atheists have.

One girl I went to school with is kinda stuck. She’s got three kids and she’s raising them with a good husband and she is atheist. She’s been atheist for decades now. But she has no support, outside of her husband.

Her female friends, she has to hide it from because they’ll judge her.

She has nowhere to go in the atheist groups because they’re dominated by the locker room smell of new atheism.

So, she reads her books at home, watches videos, she’s into ALL the same people but the movement isn’t for her.

I found a few resources for her to go to for support. Unitarian Universalist churches are often safe havens for atheists, agnostics and others who need local support and I encouraged her to join one.

No, Sam Harris is wrong Brett. Remember the echo chamber effect. You’re not seeing the women atheists around here because there is no spot for them in new atheist dominated online discourse.



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